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  1. my $build = CPANPLUS::Dist->new(
  2. format => 'CPANPLUS::Dist::Build',
  3. module => $modobj,
  4. );
  5. $build->prepare; # runs Module::Build->new_from_context;
  6. $build->create; # runs build && build test
  7. $build->install; # runs build install


CPANPLUS::Dist::Build is a distribution class for Module::Build related modules. Using this package, you can create, install and uninstall perl modules. It inherits from CPANPLUS::Dist .

Normal users won't have to worry about the interface to this module, as it functions transparently as a plug-in to CPANPLUS and will just Do The Right Thing when it's loaded.


  • parent()

    Returns the CPANPLUS::Module object that parented this object.

  • status()

    Returns the Object::Accessor object that keeps the status for this module.


All accessors can be accessed as follows: $build->status->ACCESSOR

  • build_pl ()

    Location of the Build file. Set to 0 explicitly if something went wrong.

  • build ()

    BOOL indicating if the Build command was successful.

  • test ()

    BOOL indicating if the Build test command was successful.

  • prepared ()

    BOOL indicating if the prepare call exited succesfully This gets set after perl Build.PL

  • distdir ()

    Full path to the directory in which the prepare call took place, set after a call to prepare .

  • created ()

    BOOL indicating if the create call exited succesfully. This gets set after Build and Build test .

  • installed ()

    BOOL indicating if the module was installed. This gets set after Build install exits successfully.

  • uninstalled ()

    BOOL indicating if the module was uninstalled properly.

  • _create_args ()

    Storage of the arguments passed to create for this object. Used for recursive calls when satisfying prerequisites.

  • _install_args ()

    Storage of the arguments passed to install for this object. Used for recursive calls when satisfying prerequisites.

  • _mb_object ()

    Storage of the Module::Build object we used for this installation.


$bool = CPANPLUS::Dist::Build->format_available();

Returns a boolean indicating whether or not you can use this package to create and install modules in your environment.

$bool = $dist->init();

Sets up the CPANPLUS::Dist::Build object for use. Effectively creates all the needed status accessors.

Called automatically whenever you create a new CPANPLUS::Dist object.

$bool = $dist->prepare([perl => '/path/to/perl', buildflags => 'EXTRA=FLAGS', force => BOOL, verbose => BOOL])

prepare prepares a distribution, running Module::Build 's new_from_context method, and establishing any prerequisites this distribution has.

When running Module::Build->new_from_context , the environment variable PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_EXECUTING will be set to the full path of the Build.PL that is being executed. This enables any code inside the Build.PL to know that it is being installed via CPANPLUS.

After a succcesfull prepare you may call create to create the distribution, followed by install to actually install it.

Returns true on success and false on failure.

$dist->create([perl => '/path/to/perl', buildflags => 'EXTRA=FLAGS', prereq_target => TARGET, force => BOOL, verbose => BOOL, skiptest => BOOL])

create preps a distribution for installation. This means it will run Build and Build test , via the Module::Build API. This will also satisfy any prerequisites the module may have.

If you set skiptest to true, it will skip the Build test stage. If you set force to true, it will go over all the stages of the Build process again, ignoring any previously cached results. It will also ignore a bad return value from Build test and still allow the operation to return true.

Returns true on success and false on failure.

You may then call $dist->install on the object to actually install it.

$dist->install([verbose => BOOL, perl => /path/to/perl])

Actually installs the created dist.

Returns true on success and false on failure.


Below are some of the known issues with Module::Build, that we hope the authors will resolve at some point, so we can make full use of Module::Build's power. The number listed is the bug number on .

  • Module::Build can not be upgraded using its own API (#13169)

    This is due to the fact that the Build file insists on adding a path to @INC which force the loading of the not yet installed Module::Build when it shells out to run it's own build procedure:

  • Module::Build does not provide access to install history (#9793)

    Module::Build runs the create, test and install procedures in it's own processes, but does not provide access to any diagnostic messages of those processes. As an end result, we can not offer these diagnostic messages when, for example, reporting automated build failures to sites like .


Originally by Jos Boumans <>. Brought to working condition and currently maintained by Ken Williams <>.


The CPAN++ interface (of which this module is a part of) is copyright (c) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Jos Boumans <>. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you may redistribute and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.