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Perl 5 version 8.9 documentation
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  • shutdown SOCKET,HOW

    Shuts down a socket connection in the manner indicated by HOW, which has the same interpretation as in the system call of the same name.

    1. shutdown(SOCKET, 0); # I/we have stopped reading data
    2. shutdown(SOCKET, 1); # I/we have stopped writing data
    3. shutdown(SOCKET, 2); # I/we have stopped using this socket

    This is useful with sockets when you want to tell the other side you're done writing but not done reading, or vice versa. It's also a more insistent form of close because it also disables the file descriptor in any forked copies in other processes.

    Returns 1 for success. In the case of error, returns undef if the first argument is not a valid filehandle, or returns 0 and sets $! for any other failure.